Circular Economy for Business Sites – Outcomes

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On 7/12/2017, the outcomes of our study on implementing circular economy principles for the extension and management of business sites in Luxembourg, commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, were presented in the presence of Secretary of State of the Economy, Francine Closener, the President of SICLER, Emile Eicher, and guests from private companies and public institutions at the Golf de Clervaux.

The report of the project with its annexes (in french) can be downloaded at the specific website or through the following links:


More information about the event and the results of our study can be found in the media and press review: or click here to download the article: Press Ecocirc-zae Tageblatt
Article from Luxemburger Wort: Press Ecocirc-zae Wort

A video of the press conference with the key messages can be found here.

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