Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS)

Creating a universal digital circularity fingerprint for products

Designed to fill a data gap in scaling up the circular economy.

The availability of high-quality, standardized and trustworthy data is the key towards a real circular economy.

The solution is called Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS).

Circularity Showcase

Current challenges

  1.   Product circularity data are not available in a standardized format.
  2.   Critical data are not publicly available due to trade secrets (especially data related to product composition).
  3.   Product data are often not validated by an independent third party.
  4.   Producers do not want to rely on centralized databases to exchange information.

‘Material without data is like a microscope without a lens when it comes to recycling.’

The PCDS system

1. What is it ?

A data template with standardized and trustworthy product information on the circularity properties without infringing IP
A third-party verification process to validate the content of the PCDS
A standardized IT exchange protocol & format to share efficiently trusted data without relying on a centralized database

2. Why use it ?

The PCDS allows to:
  1.   Create a common language about the product circularity
  2.   Create more product transparency without infringing IP
  3.   Provide the same data to all customers/users
  4.   Provide data independently of the future use
  5.   Improve the next generation product design

3. What makes the PCDS effective ?

To develop the PCDS, +ImpaKT has managed a co-creation process with 50+ companies & organizations from 12 European countries & USA. The PCDS is supported by NGO’s and industry leaders in the circular economy and is already implemented in product data platforms for the building industry.

4. How does it work ?

At any stage of the supply chain, each supplier is responsible for creating and storing the PCDS, that will be accessible to their customers/users. 

5. What does it contain ?

  1. The data template contains pre-set true/false statements which enables the user to describe the circularity properties of a product without having to disclose production secrets.
  2. The statements are organised in 5 different sections in order to simplify the data entry.
  3. The statements are independent of the future product use scenario.
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