Earth overshoot day 2018- A new (sad) record!

August 1, 2018Circular Blog0

It’s holiday season, so maybe you have a minute to think about the Earth overshoot day!

On august 1st, 2018 we have reached the regenerative limits of the Earth, if we look at it on an annual basis (and on a country level it is even much worse for Luxembourg, see graphic)…

Let’s change the perspective for a moment and let’s have look at different time scales:

  • Each day at 14h00 we have used up the resources available for the whole day !
  • Each week on Thursday morning around 3h15AM we are done for the week !
  • for this decade we have already used up all the resources since 2016 !

So it’s time to join us in our effort to create positive impacts and start inverting this tendency and let’s regenerate our world with our positive actions!

STOP waiting for somebody else to solve this problem.

What will you do?

We are all part of the change we want to see for our future.

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