The Product Circularity Data Sheet Is Released to Thousands of Users Internationally Through Cobuilder Platform

März 17, 2021Circular Blog0

The Product Circularity Data Sheet (PCDS) is a standardized digital fingerprint for sharing trusted data on the circularity characteristics of products across supply chains. The PCDS has been developed by the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg and +ImpaKT, in collaboration with more than 50 international organizations. Today, the PCDS is being made available internationally to thousands of users through Cobuilder, a leading provider of data management solutions for the construction industry.

This collaboration is a major step to improve data management across the international construction industry, relying on the implementation of relevant ISO and CEN standards. This represents the first among many collaborations to propagate the PCDS across all the sectors.

Read the full press release here:

Learn more on the PCDS: 

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