Promoting co-creation in urban development!

January 29, 2018Circular BlogCircular Excellence0

Together with William McDonough and the Fonds d’urbanisation du Kirchberg (FUAK), +ImpaKT has applied an innovative way of collaboration at the design stage of urban development projects.

Different levels of collaboration have been worked on :

  • within the teams, by asking from the very beginning to have a team of civil and technical engineers, working together with architects.
  • in between teams, by bringing together three projects and stimulating exchange between the teams.
  • implication of the external world: external experts, neighbours and representatives from different public authorities.

The process has been deployed throughout a series of workshops aiming at stimulating an intense exchange on how to meet the vision and goals set by the FUAK.

It is a great experience for +ImpaKT to be part of this innovative experimental co-creation process, where everybody is continuously aiming at a stepwise improvement of the process and its results.


See also the website of the FUAK:

And the following article on Archiduc:


Co-creation workshop 1
Food for the brain (intellectually and physically)
Co-creation workshop 2

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