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About us

PositiveImpaKT is a private consulting company, with the mission to raise awareness, promote innovation and build a network that inspires and helps organizations, businesses and individuals move towards a circular economy.
Our vision is a world where the needs of today’s and future generations are satisfied through a circular economy (CE), that is based on C2C principles, has people’s well-being at its core and respects the regenerative capacities of our planet.

With our core competences in natural and engineering sciences, we focus on the understanding and managing of material and information flows in complex systems.

We believe that bringing innovative ideas to life requires intense collaboration amongst different organizations and business areas, thereby creating positive impacts along the whole value chain.

What we do

Our Offer

Circular Discovery

  • 1/2 day training to make you aware of the potential and the opportunities of the CE
  • A playful and team-focused approach, in collaboration with Circulab-Whiitaa

Circular Evaluation

  • Quick scan to analyse your current situation with respect to CE principles
  • Roadmap with value propositions to increase the circularity of your activities and business

Circular Excellence

  • In depth analysis of the CE potential of your business and development of a CE strategy
  • Assistance during the implementation of the CE strategy, for a higher resilience and improved competitiveness of your organisation within its ecosystem

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We work with companies in various sectors, communes, municipal syndicates and ministries.

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